AsāN is dedicated to the efforts of Goonj, an organization working relentlessly to provide ‘Rahat’ (relief) to the COVID 19 distressed. AsāN carries with it a fervent appeal to its viewers to contribute to Goonj’s ‘Rahat COVID 19’ Campaign.

Spirit of AsāN | असां

AsāN is the voice of Sufi faqeer Shah Hussein, a 16th century Sufi mystic. This voice speaks to us of the path of ‘ishq’, of seeking to die while still alive, of decimating the ego, of dancing in the ‘jhurmut’ (collective dance) of this universe , of discovering that we are all allies in this universe. This faqeer was emphatic that he was not to be revered or put on a pedestal because of his spiritual path.

Shah Hussain steered clear of the world that is obsessed with making ‘heroes’ or ‘Godmen’ out of their need to ‘follow’. He belonged to the ‘malaamati’ sect which deliberately shuns ‘followers’ because they believe that following would create ego, which would deflect them from their spiritual path.

My Journey with AsāN | असां

In 2017, I had started a collaboration with Ankit Chadha, a young dastango, to work on a musical narrative on Sufi faqeer Shah Hussein. AsāN was my first composition. But destiny had other plans. Ankit Chadha passed away in May 2018.

AsāN was reborn in December 2018 when I came together with my Kabir festival co-artiste, Kathak dancer, Sanjukta Wagh, in a music-dance exploration called ‘Faqeer Nimaana’ which was based on the evocative poetry of Shah Hussein. AsāN was part of this piece.

This collaboration introduced me to two superlative musicians, Hitesh Dhutia and Vinayak Netke, who not only arranged the music but also played the guitar and the rhythm section respectively in the AsāN track.

Another collaboration followed. Alleyah Asghar, a very talented media and film professional, directed the Music video, and wore many other hats in the creation process.

Finally, destiny brought about the most defining purpose for AsāN. While plans for its launch were being made, COVID 19 struck! That is when Shah Hussein himself showed the way through his poetry.

He says, AsāN is about you, me and us.. about not putting ourselves on any pedestal… instead it is about communing with the divine from the spaces of our homes… about finding our sustenance within communities…about all of us dancing the dance of the universe (‘jhurmut’)

AsāN is dedicated to the efforts of Goonj, an organization working relentlessly to provide ‘Rahat’ (relief) to the COVID 19 distressed.

AsāN carries with it a fervent appeal to its viewers to contribute to Goonj’s ‘Rahat COVID 19’ Campaign.

AsāN | असां
Lyrics and Translation

Lyrics in Devnagari


असां कितकूं शेख़ सदावणा

घर बैठियां मंगल गावणा

असां टुकर मंग मंग खावणा

असां ऐहो कम कमावणा


इश्क़  फ़क़ीरां दी  टोहणी

ऐ वस्त अगोचर है जोहणी

असां तलब तेरी है सोहणी

असां हर दम रब धियावणा


असां अंदर बाहर लाल है

असां मुरशिद नाल प्यार है

असां ऐहो वणज वपार है

असां जीवनदेयां मर जावणा


कोई  मुरीद कोई पीर है

ऐ दुनिया सब ज़हीर है

इक शाह हुसैन फ़क़ीर है

असां रल मिल झुरमुट पावणा


बोल :  शाह हुसैन (पारंपरिक)

Lyrics in English

AsāN KitkuN Sheikh Sadaavana
Ghar BaitheyaN Mangal Gaavana
AsāN Tukar Mang Mang Khaavana
AsāN Aiho Kamm Kamaavana

Ishq FaqeeraN Di Tohni
Ae Vast Agochar Hai Johni
AsāN Talab Teri Hai Sohni
AsāN Har Dum Rabb Dhiyaavana

AsāN Andar Baahar Laal Hai
AsāN Murshid Naal Pyaar Hai
AsāN Aeho Vanaj Vapaar Hai
AsāN JeevandeyaaN Marr Jaawana

Koi Mureed Koi Peer Hai
Ae Duniya Sab Zaheer Hai
Ik Shah Hussain Faqeer Hai
AsāN Ral Mil Jhurmut Paavana

Lyrics : Shah Hussain (Traditional)


Why call me a learned scholar
I sit in my home and commune with the divine
I beg for bread to fill my stomach
These are my deeds


Passion is the faqeer’s walking stick
It is something beyond the perception of the senses
I pine for you, my beloved
Every moment, I meditate upon the divine


Lal is both inside and outside of me
My murshid is my beloved
My only occupation is
To die while still alive


Some are seekers, some the master
We are all allies in this world
Shah Hussain is a faqeer
Together we dance in this ‘jhurmut’ (dance of the universe)

The ‘us’ of AsāN | असां

Composition & Vocals | RADHIKA SOOD NAYAK


Tabla & Duff | VINAYAK NETKE


Lyrics | SHAH HUSSEIN (Traditional)


Recording & Mixing | JAINIL NAYAK



Recording & Mastering | EMSQUARE STUDIOS


Video Director |

Producer | ALSO |
Ideas. Content. Design

Executive Producer | KAMAL SINGH


A.D. & Additional Camera |



Line Production | GANESH LANGDE

Costume & Styling | ALLEYAH ASGHAR

Audio Launch Partner | OKLISTEN


In Gratitude

Late Ankit Chadha

Sanjukta Wagh

Neil Mukherjee

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